February 2014 Month number two of my escape

I’m catching up with the written blog (on paper!)

February was a brilliant month and a rubbish month.

I was ill for a week>>>

I went to Berlin with a group of sixth formers and some fab teachers – had my first experience since I left university of a live band in a club in Berlin – the group called We Invented Paris were amazing. There I was a 59 year old groupie wanting the lead singer to sign my newly bought CD!!!!! Embarrassing but great. My favourite two songs were Silence – sung whilst the band stood on the bar and Requiem – with everyone sitting down, played on a weird looking Indian harmonium – a haunting song about wanting to kiss alive someone who has died. Saw some amazing art – so inspiring – must return to this city again. Last day was spent in a Turkish market an an amazing canal side cafe – surreal place – The Freeswimmer – like a builders merchant by an industrial canal with whacky owners – loved it.

Visited my mum for a week – 86 and a feisty phenomenal frustrating lady.

Granddaughter amazed me. Love playing exploring games with her and watching her – EVERYTHING is interesting – the feel the look, sorting things, moving things, dancing to guitar music, things that slide, things that have switches and tops…..

Working on my bucket list – looking at Samaritans and VSO and local hospice. Not sure if I’m scared about all of them or maybe energised by them. Thinking about a suggestion made to me before Christmas – Art Therapy course…maybe.

Had a kindness shown to me – a parent of one of my former pupils paid my car parking as I didn’t have any change. Refused any contribution. Hugs.

Drawn out my first landscape – sooooo slow – get a move on!

Planned holiday in Estepona in March.


First month of my awfully big adventure


Wet, miserable weather

After teaching art for so long what next? I almost want to make a bucket list – is there a special name for a retirement bucket list? Well I’m going to start:

1. Clear out all the mountains of STUFF I brought home from my Art room and office after 100 terms at the same school.

2. Swim or walk somewhere every day.

3. Play for a minimum of one day per week with my granddaughter – no rules.

4. Find out about volunteering to help somebody.

5. Join in with a kindness every day.

6. Have lots of long lunches with other retirees/escapees.

7. Sleep in. Get up later than normal alarm setting – later than 7 am.

8. Think and do art.

9. Plan visits abroad 

10. Phone mum every day.

11. Don’t die yet.

12. Laugh with someone more often.

I’ll add more I’m sure – this is just to start with.