May travelling again

Roquetas del Mar beckoned as it was a place Dad liked before and after his stroke. Mum returned for the tenth time and for me it was a first. Five star hotel good in many ways with a spa, which I took full advantage of, but buffets need to be avoided at all costs as Luke warm, yuk! Luckily there were two chefs to grill either fish or meat and stir fry so I could have really hot food. It was hard not to have cava all the time and gin and tonics and Amaretto but I managed to pace myself! The only trip I wanted to go on was cancelled as no-one else booked- it was to a biological and waterbased farm. We explored using the local buses to the port, old town, shopping centre and a superb lively market (with some bonkers traders trying to out shout each other about their bargains). The evening entertainment was just awful, though they worked hard it was like Butlins. The beach and prom were superb – miles and miles long with a nature reserve at one end. The beach at that end was desolate with oases of Palm trees and regularly spaced rubbish bins blowing in the wind. From a distance they looked like people. Mirage. In the hotel I have never been surrounded by so many obese people. Staggering! Worrying…

Walking on the beach of tiny pebbles gave me time to think through a few plans trying to work out what to do next with my life. Isn’t there a support group or something out there for me? A group for retired art teachers who loved their jobs? Just when I need one I can’t find it.  I think I’ll join more clubs.


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